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The OrGano Gold Fundraiser – How Does It Work?

The OrGano Gold Fundraiser works like this. The authorized OrGano Gold Fundraiser group purchases the OG coffee, tea, hot chocolate and mocha at WHOLESALE, then they turn around and sell it by the cup or by the box or by the case at RETAIL and the OrGano Gold Fundraiser Group keeps 100% of the profits. That’s it!

The OrGano Gold Fundraiser – Make it fun!

The OrGano Gold Fundraiser is a simple way to raise money for organizations who are desperately searching for new ways to add an additional source of ongoing revenues. Keep it simple and remember make it Fun with your OrGano Gold Fundraiser. The focus with the OrGano Gold Fundraiser is on the 1st of 7 ways to generate income.

Organo Gold offers a tremendous opportunity for groups looking to raise funds.
If your group or organization needs to raise funds, consider selling North America’s only healthy coffee.

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in North America so almost everyone is your potential customer.

Our coffee has many health benefits, including that it is ph balanced in the body. Use any search engine and type ganoderma, (any illness or disease) to research possible benefits.

With a coffee fundraiser, an organization has the opportunity to earn money on an ongoing basis, not just during the fundraising drive. Since people drink coffee every day, they will continue to order every month from the fundraising organization. This means that your organization does the work once and gets paid for it continuously.

The ingredient that makes our coffee healthy is Ganoderma Lucidum, also known as Reishi and Linghzi. It has been called the King of Herbs in Chinese medicine for thousands of years and is given to every cancer patient in Japan. It is the highest rated herb in Chinese medicine. There have been many third party studies done on the affects of Ganoderma Lucidum. You can search them online. One of the primary health benefits of our coffee is that it is totally ph balanced in the body. All other coffees have a corrosive acid affect in the body, often causing heartburn and other stomach problems. You will not get that with this coffee.

The Napoleon Hill Foundation partnered with Organo Gold because of the combination of the delicious, gourmet, healthy coffee and tea and the significant financial commitment to the Foundation, made it clear that OG is a company worthy of partnering with.


At every event at The Napoleon Hill World Learning Center in Hammond, IN they serve their healthy coffee and tea. On the home page of their website they have their Organo Gold website link.

Why a “Coffee” Fundraiser?

There are several reasons that a Coffee Fundraiser is much more powerful and lucrative than other traditional fundraising sources.

Reason #1:  Coffee sells!

  • Coffee is NOT a luxury… it’s a part of Daily Life.
  • Coffee is the world’s most consumed drink on the planet, next to water.
  • Coffee is the world’s highest traded commodity, after oil.
  • North Americans consume half a billion cups of Coffee every day.
  • More than 80% of North Americans over the age of 18 drink Coffee.
  • Specialty Coffee sales are increasing by 20% per year.
  • There are 255 million Coffee drinkers in North America.
  • Millions pay $4 per cup and drink 3-5 cups per day.

Reason #2:  Coffee has high profit margins!

  • Coffee sold by the box provides profit margins of 50% – 100%.
  • Coffee sold by the cup provides profit margins of 200% – 1000%.
  • There is BIG money in Coffee.
  • Why do you think McDonald’s hired Starbuck’s VP of Marketing, fired Ronald McDonald, and rebranded their stores with “McCafe”?
  • Why do you think Dunkin Donuts changed their logo from donuts to a coffee cup?
  • Why do you think Subway is now open for breakfast…to sell you a meatball sub at 6:00 am?  No, they’re selling Coffee!

Reason #3:  Coffee takes the common objections out of the equation.

Some common fundraiser issues:

  • Not enough participants.
  • Not enough potential purchasers.
  • Steadily declining sales.
  • Seasonal limitations.
  • Time consuming.
  • Labor intensive.
  • Complicated order process.

Benefits of a Coffee Fundraiser:

  • Highly Consumable Products.
  • 50% – 1,000% Profits.
  • Repeat Sales All Year.
  • Simple Order Process.
  • Dedicated Fundraiser Consultant to walk you through the entire process.

organo gold

Wide Variety of Delicious, Gourmet Beverages

Organo Gold offers a great selection of beverage products which are all made from the highest quality ingredients, including Arabica beans, Jamaican Blue Mountain, organic green tea leaves, etc.  Here is our current offering…

  • Gourmet Black Coffee – dark, smooth taste and deep aroma
  • Gourmet Latte Coffee– light, sweet and creamy
  • Gourmet Mocha Coffee– chocolaty “desert in a cup”
  • 100% Organic Green Tea – smooth and rich with anti-oxidants
  • 100% Organic Red Tea – exceptional flavorful character
  • Black Ice – Premium Black Iced Tea
  • Gourmet Hot Chocolate – warming boost to the immune system
  • Gourmet Café Supreme – smooth latte blend with Ginseng
  • Premium Gourmet Royal Brewed – Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee
  • Premium Gourmet King of Coffee – 100% Organic Coffee


Organo Gold Fundraiser Program VIDEO


Looking for an Innovative Way to Earn Money for Your Church, Social Group, or Team? Try Coffee.



  1. Nonprofit organizations save $49 and can start free (It doesn’t cost you anything to start, other than your initial order.)
  2. It’s easy and simple to organize and promote (Select a coordinator, set the rules, and promote like you promote other events.)
  3. Earn money even when the fundraiser is over (Since you’ll have a dedicated OG website, people can order 24/7, 365.)
  4. Everyone can participate (Youth, members of your group, leaders, etc. can participate, not just a select few.)
  5. Coffee can be part of year-long fundraising efforts (Sell coffee during holidays, church events, book club meetings, etc.)
  6. Coffee could create repeat business for your organization (People will say, ‘I bought my coffee from that group, I want more.)
  7. Your organization keeps 100% of the profits (You buy wholesale and sell retail, keeping all of the profits.)
  8. Your organization sets the rules, incentives, deadlines, and prices (Set your own rules to meet immediate and future needs.)
  9. Coffee can be a healthy alternative to candy, cookies, etc. (These are tasty, but they don’t have ganoderma, the King of Herbs.)
  10. Over 200 million Americans drink coffee daily (You don’t  have to force coffee on anybody. Say you have it, people will buy. And  since over 200 million people drink coffee every day, why not give them a  healthier alternative to what they’re already used to and earn a little  money in the process? .”


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