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Finding a person who is interested in your product is the holy grail of sales in every industry. In fact, many salespeople will pay high dollar for a lead that has just a general interest in a specific category. For a lead that is a “golden contact”, someone who wants your product or service now, is almost worth its weight in gold.

               In network marketing, too many people spend too much time on trying to make people become interested in their product or service. That is why so many people hesitate when it comes to network marketing, they think they have to pressure their friends and family into going into business with them.

               HEALTH NEWS Newspapers are a sales tool that solves the problem by helping you find qualified leads that are ready to buy.


               Immediate Impact. When you hand a  HEALTH NEWS Newspaper to someone, you are giving them all the information they need to determine if they are interested in your product. They can even start reading it the minute that you give it to them.

               The unique feature of HEALTH NEWS is you don’t have to be by a computer, a CD player, a DVD player, a computer, or any other device to read it. You can read a HEALTH NEWS Newspaper on your couch, in your car (don’t read and drive), on an airplane, in a waiting room, or even in a bathroom.

               The flexibility that a HEALTH NEWS Newspaper gives your prospect is tremendous. Your prospect does not have to wait to learn, they can read the HEALTH NEWS Newspaper right away. Since they have immediate access, they can act on their impressions and ask for more information about your product right away.

               You have captured the interest of your prospect, and with your labels on the HEALTH NEWS Newspaper they know how to contact you. The solution to the age old problem of finding a qualified prospect is a  HEALTH NEWS Newspaper.

               Just another way HEALTH NEWS Newspapers help you Simplify Your Success!™

               To order, go to our website at, or call us at (800) 597-2585 or (503) 345-9334 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Pacific Time.

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Hello and Welcome!

Marketing a Direct Sales/Network Marketing opportunity via traditional methods can be an extremely rewarding way to earn a Great living.

It’s been done for 40 years or more, and many many people have made millions and millions of dollars marketing in this way.

If done with passion and dedication , a person can surround themselves with people who are like-minded in their community, effectively harnessing that labour force to increase their own earnings.

However…marketing through traditional methods does have BIG limitations.

The number one limiting factor when marketing ‘Old School’ is the existence of the physical limitations of both distance and time.  With the first drastically impacting on the second!  When performing Direct Sales/Metwork marketing tactics such as daily pitches in conference centres, doing cold calls, or approaching strangers , you are engaged in time inefficient methods where you are starkly confronted with the fact that there are only ever 24 hours in a day, so no matter how good your pitches are, you can only do so many a day right?

Now working those numbers, you would probably be making some good income, but where is your quality of life…constant rejections, running the same scripts over and over, in someone elses livingroom when you would rather be at home with your family, or just plain doing something else!

NOW…imagine if a marketing style existed which would take all the pain out of sharing your opportunity, and skyrocket your income while dramatically increasing your free time.



organo gold


The answer lies in the power of leveraging the power of the internet to do the vast majority of the work for you…and thereby effectively multiplying your personal marketing power by a thousand fold.

Once the benefits of this new world of  Direct/Network Marketing sales through the internet are understood, to me there is simply no better way to spread the word of your opportunity, generate income and achieve the life you know you deserve.

I call this Direct Sales/Network Marketing Logic and myself and my colleagues at Success Marketing Group are dedicated to helping you discover how extraordinarily powerful marketing via the internet can be.

Our Team offers:

Offline Sales Systems: 1) Postcards 2) Flyers 3) Daily Conference CALLS 4) Lead Generation

Online Sales Systems: 1) Online Lead Generation Systems 2) Online Marketing Coops 3) Online Marketing Education







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    It is true that there are different types of coffee in various flavors and each person has his own taste and flavor when it comes to this wonderful coffee.

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